8 Epic & Hilarious Haircut Fails That Are A Cautionary Tale To Every Man Going To The Salon

Most of us have experienced something called a bad hair day or a bad haircut and when that happens, it literally feels like the end of the world. But some people, have been at the extreme end of the spectrum and have experienced epic hair disasters with hilarious mishaps.

At this point, we are just thanking our stars that something like this didn’t happen to us. But, yes, you’ve got to take a look at the following epic haircut fails because they are downright funny:

1. Bangs Or What?


Baldhead and bangs, that too in layers? This couldn’t get any creepier.

The fact that the entire noggin has no hair, with only bangs in big and small layers looks like curtains on the forehead. I mean just shave it all off, maybe?

2. The Most Confusing Hairstyle Ever

The man looks as confused as his hairstyle and no, we don’t blame him.

Firstly, there’s a huge crop of hair on the top with bald sides and then curly pigtail on both the sides, neatly done with rubber bands.

Also, he is trying to sport this so-called ‘mullet’ look with a goatee. Hats off.

3. Hat Hair

Ever thought of turning your voluminous hair into a cap?

Creativity is flowing from all the sides for this guy who turned his hair into a designer cap.

Imagine the amount of hair care and conditioning this hairstyle would take, just to maintain the bad hat on the head, all the time, even while sleeping.

4. Wifi Signal Hairstyle

Even Kanye has been a victim of a bad haircut, it seems.

We don’t understand the message he is trying to deliver here with his shaved head. It legit looks like wifi signals coming straight out of his noggin.

Kanye has done some hilarious hairstyle experiments in the past, most of which have left people in splits. Still, points for going all out.

5. Life Revolves Around Tennis

It would have been okay if the colour was a bit subtle with no detailing, but the neon shade has gone way too overboard here.

This guy’s enthusiasm for playing tennis is so visible that the hairstyle has the aesthetic of the tennis ball as well as the court.

6. Ratty Hairstyle

It is okay to be innovative and prove a point to look stylish, especially when it comes to the haircut. But as far this hairstyle, with a huge rat design, on a slightly shaved head is concerned, well, it looks nightmarish and awful, tbh.

On top that, such a long rat tail, we are speechless.

7. The Koyla Look

With a disastrous look in the hit movie Koyla, even the King Khan of Bollywood has been a part of epic hairstyle fails.

Sporting a mix of hair trends including that floppy hair with a fussy hairstyle which reminds us of Taarzan, Shah Rukh Khan’s look here was really questionable at the time.

8. The Real Meat Head


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